Panorama far from Nafplion (Nafplio). Capital of Argolis

Panorama of Nafplion (Nafplio). Capital of Argolis

Nafplio (Nafplion in modern Greek) is a city of Greece, capital of the prefecture of Argolis, with about 20,000 inhabitants. It's on the Argolic Gulf
and is a major port. Its name derived from Nauplius I, the son of Poseidon and Amimone. Because of its location seems to have been a place of origin
abroad and tradition says it was an Egyptian colony. It was an independent city and was part of the confederation of Argolis, whose annual
meetings were given in Calaurea. It was conquered by Argos, who took his place in the confederation, and spent Nafplio to be the port
of Argos. The expelled citizens took refuge in Spartan territory.