Sanctuary of Delphi and the Oracle

To complete the three-day trip for the Peloponnese, the last stage was the stop at Delphi, with its sanctuary, the famous oracle and the
Museum of archeology. Delphi is an archaeological site declared a World Heritage Site. In ancient times it was the site of the oracle of
Delphi, inside a temple dedicated to the god Apollo. Delphi was revered throughout the Greek world as the site of the omphalos, or
center of the universe. Therefore it received pilgrims from different places.

Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia Tholos of Athena Pronaia Ruins of Temple of Apollo Ruins of Temple of Apollo Polygonal retaining wall

Mythology says that Delphi belonged to various gods before possession of Apollo. The legend of the founding of the temple is known by
Homer, who says he wanted to found an oracle and came to Crisa, near Mount Parnassus. He liked the place and started building
the temple which was completed under the leadership of two brothers, and Agamedes Trophonius.

Teatre of Delphi Treasury of the Athenians The charioteer of Delphi The charioteer of Delphi The charioteer of Delphi

Delphi was first explored in 1676 by Spon, and in 1756 by Chandler. Later he made other scientific explorations led by the
French School of Classical Studies in Athens (the same as the did in Delos) between 1861 and 1880 in a dispute between
the French and the Greeks paralyzed permits dispute was resolved in 1891. Since then excavations have not stopped.

White Kílyx representation of Apollo Treasury Sifni. Delphi Museum Monte near Delphi. Greek Landscape Olive grove at Itea Sun beds by the pool