Gulf and Canal of Corinth

In addition to the days I spent in Athens, I completed the trip with a three-day excursion through the Peloponnese, with a
visit to the Corinth Canal, Epidauros theater, the acropolis and tomb at Mycenae, Delphi and Olympia. I include photos
taken on the plane Barcelona - Athens and also on the road and the Gulf of Corinth.

Airport Terminal Ice on the plane Clouds and wing Oil in the Aegean View of the Corinth Canal

The journey began across the Gulf of Corinth, stopping at the famous channel of the same name. It is as we
know by photos, but it's good to see it in person and take some pictures. I also include photos taken from
the bus, both of Lepanto city as well as of Greek traffic, which can give you more of a scare.

View of the Corinth Canal View of the Corinth Canal View of the Corinth Canal Seaside houses The traffic in Greece

It also deserves a separate chapter the Rion-Antirion bridge, opened in 2004. It may not be well known
to the general public. We seem to have heard much more Oresund Bridge (longer, of course) or some
other Japanese bridges before this, that after all we've got closer and easier to visit.

Lepanto Bridge Rion Antirion Bridge Rion Antirion Bridge Rion Antirion Truck wheel