Athens from the hills of the city

Athens extends on a plain in the Attica peninsula, bounded on the south by the Saronic Gulf and several mountains
in the other cardinal points, as the Penteli and Egaleo. Athens Township is located in the center of the plain,
but along with all the municipalities within its large metropolitan area, comes to occupy completely
the plain, so it is one of the largest and most populated metropolitan areas in Europe.

Residential buildings From Likavetos From Philopappos From Acropolis Roofs of Athens

In addition to the surrounding mountains, the plains of Athens are dotted by several hills, apart from the Acropolis,
that allow good views of the metropolitan area. In these pictures there are some of those views of Athens from
Mount Likavitos, Philopappos, the Pnyx and from the Acropolis itself.

From acrópolis Olympic Stadium Slope of Athens Acropolis Likavitos

Museum of the Acropolis Blurry picture Blurry picture Athens Video at Likavetos