National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Museo Arqueológico de Atenas

While Athens is known for its Acropolis, the main tourist attraction in the city, another must
if you're interested in the art of ancient Greece is the museum. The Athens National Archaeological Museum houses many of the
most important archaeological objects found in Greece from prehistory to late antiquity. He is considered one of
the great museums of the world and contains the richest collection of objects from ancient Greece. Located in the heart of Athens
Eksarhia in the neighborhood, the streets Epirus, and Tositsa Bouboulinas.

The design shows a neoclassical building, which has the virtue of being in tune with the classic objects found
inside. The original plan was subsequently amended Ludwig Lange Kalkos by Panagos, Vlachos and Ziller.

El arpista de Keros Estatuillas cicládicas de mármol Arte cicládico Cerámicas cicládicas Vasijas edad de bronce
Corona de plata. Islas Cícladas Máscara de Agamenón Máscara de oro micénica Vasos de Vafio Vasos de Vafio

Thirty-two rooms, put up a few years ago, starting from the Neolithic and Cycladic art, showing
later Mycenaean art. A dignified and sober presentation, excellent lighting, texts in Greek and English.
They have preserved the original catalog numbers of parts, which allow to use guides to admire old
the treasures on display. The museum has over 20,000 square meters.

Vasos de Vafio Kuros de Aristódico Bases con relieves de estatua de kuros Ragazzi italiani
Zeus o Poseidon de Artemisio Zeus o Poseidon de Artemisio Caballo y jinete de Artemisio Caballo y jinete de Artemisio Cabeza de mujer

Appears in these photos which I think is most representative or most caught my attention, taking into account
I'm no expert on the subject and that selection may have left out essential works. What we do missing are
photos of the Boards of ceramic vessels, which were closed on the day of my visit. Once again, thank you to some of the texts I mention the photographs.

Capitel de columna jónica Estatua de bronce del emperador Augusto Cabeza de un joven Retrato de hombre Estela funeraria familiar
Efebo Anticítera Efebo Anticítera Murales de Santorini