Modern monuments of Athens

Athens has many places to visit besides the remains of the splendor of ancient Greece. In addition to the quaintness of
some of its neighborhoods, here are some of the monuments visited that have their origins in more recent times. Many
of them are neoclassical. Interestingly, in one of the cities where we see the original samples of this style also
find its second version of the nineteenth century.

Parliament of Greece Unknown Soldier Monument Changing of the Guard Evzone at the monument Evzone with rheum

Before the Parliament building you can see the changing of the guard of evfenos, especially colorful on
Sundays morning. Also in the center of the city are the three most representative neo-classical buildings,
side by side: the Library, the University and the Modern Academy in Athens. Before them are the statues
also shown here. Other photos are of the Zappeion, the exterior of the Archaeological Museum, the building
Greece's first parliament Panathinaiko Stadium. Click on the photos to enlarge and described.

Athens Library Athens Library Steps University of Athens Modern Academy of Athens Apollo

Socrates University Statue Estadium Zappeion

History Museum Belfry Archaeological Museum